What we stand for.

We stand for fun, smiles, rainbows, friends, and creativity. We love cute fuzzy animals and making people smile. It feels awesome when that happens. And if someone is hurt, here we care for them. We make THEM smile. Everyday we are kind, fun-loving, and caring kids. Everyone here is. And we really would like you to join us. Its for kids 7-16. We have fought some hard battles but we never backed down. We think before we say. And excpecially try and not to make fights. And in the end of every battle we still come out kicking. Not hurt or sad. We ignore the bad people and live life to the fullest. The people who came up with the idea of this site is Tana And Last. Tana is 13 and Last is 11.

(Sort of a bff test) Tana is kind, caring, fun loving, and a hyper kid. She makes things awesome. Because she is just that awesome. She loves Doctor who and roleplaying. She is a epic girl.

Last is shy, but when you get to know her she is really nice. Yes, she can be mean when someone is mean to her. That is only because people try and start fights with her. But she is usually the most un-popular girl in class because of the way she looks. But that only makes her stronger.

We love Rainbow Sprinkles.
Hewwo world. So whats up with the sprinklez today? Ehh I dont know. Even though I am one. Hahah. Well Do you want to know about us or not?! Here is the things we love and what we are all about.
Heart Diamonds. Just Teh Best ;3

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